Natural family planning



This is the use of natural methods in preventing pregnancy in order to perform birth control and plan for a family.


It is the use of body signs or symptoms to determine the period of fertility or the lack of it in order to plan one’s family.  It  is safer than any other type of family planning method because it is non-invasive, devoid of any pharmacotherapy which may be injurious to health and sexual healthy especially when it is shared by couples.  Pharmacotherapy, (e.g. pills ) may injure the body irreversibly. In any case, just as aphrodisiacs, pills  are not natural. Also, some pills work not by preventing pregnancy (i.e. fertilization), but by preventing implantation of already formed embryos (i.e. abortion). Mechanical devices such as intra-uterine contraceptive devise (IUCD) work by causing abortion of already fertilized embryos.  This raises considerable questions of ethics with many.

Natural family planning as sexual hygiene practice:

Because sexual hygiene also takes into account reproductive hygiene, whose ultimate goal is reproductive health, it is important that family planning should be a corporate member of the sexual hygiene activities. Some perform family planning in order to place enough space between their children. Others use it to enjoy the relationship of sexual interactions in the marital home. Natural family planning has the advantage of being natural. It does not unduly task the body and therefore has no side effects. When practiced properly, it constitutes no risk to the individual practicing it. Unavailability of family planning in general may lead to sexual promiscuity on the part of the male or female. In the case of the male, he may seek another partner because his wife is not ready for him (since she may be pregnant with another baby or breast feeding, or even in her monthly period).  Also, when natural family planning methods leads to failure, it tasks the family programme unduly. It is therefore important that scheduling of reproductive activities in the family as dictated by family planning methods be used to provide the necessary reproductive health for the entire family. There are several methods of natural family as follows

The Rhythm method

Temperature method

Symptothermal method

Ovulation pain

Billings ovulation method or several modifications of it which relies on cervical mucus signs.



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Seven Sexual hygiene laws

  1. 1. No to extramarital intercourse

  2. 2. No to sexual deviant activities

3. No to teen age pregnancy

4. No to female genital mutilation

5. Prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI)

6. Promote natural family planning

7. Promote healthy sexual activities with spouse

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