Uterine evacuation                               

Uterine Evacuation

Steps in Evacuation of the uterus to remove product of conceptus in failed pregnancy such as inevitable abortion etc

1. Clean up and drape patient.

2. Secure the anterior lip of cervix in the vagina with vulsellum and pull the cervix anteriorly with the instrument so that the cervix is exposed to the exterior of the vagina.

3. Use uterine  sound to judge the depth of the uterus by passing it through the external cervical os.

4. Use Hegars' dilators from size 3 to about 9 to dilate the cervical canal so as to allow the passage of the curette.

5. Insert the curette and scoop the uterine cavity to remove the remaining products of conceptus.

6. Ovum forceps or sponge holding forceps can be used to clear bigger debris of conceptus.


Indications: Inevitable or missed abortion.




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