Homologue of penis placed at the upper junction of the labia. It is highly arousable and its rhythmic contraction caused by bulbospongiosus is the mechanism of clitoral orgasm.










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DIGITAL  LOCATOR OF FEMALE PERINEUM: Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum. Layer 2 Layer of superficial fascia of female perineum. Layer 3 Layer of deep fascia of female perineum (Colles fascia). Layer 4 Layer of superficial muscles in superficial perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 5 Layer of intermediate muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 6 Layer of deep muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 7: Pelvic outlet as margins of perineum Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum




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