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Clinical features

Acute abdomen

Adrenal gland, diseases of

African diet

Alveolar duct, diseases of

Anatomical Landmarks

Andre-Thomas sign

Andrology Specialty

Anus, diseases of

Aorta, diseases of

Aortic regurgitation murmur

Aortic regurgitation phonocardiogram

Aortic stenosis murmur

Appendix examination

Appendix, diseases of

Arteriole, diseases of

Artery, disease of



Atrial ectopic beats

Atrial fibrillation ECG

Atrial flutter ECG

Atrial septal defect murmur

Auscultation of heart

Auscultation workpage

Auscultation workpage

Auscultation, Areas

Auscultation, Back

Auscultation, Front

Auscultation, Introduction

Auscultation, Left lateral

Auscultation, Right lateral

Axillary nerve palsy




Bimanual examination

Bimanual palpation

Blood pressure

Blood vessel sound

Bonchial sound, Back

Bone, disease of

Brain, diseases of

Breast examination

Breast, diseases of

Bronchial sound, Front

Bronchial sound, Left lateral

Bronchial sound, Right lateral

Bronchiole, diseases of

Bronchus, diseases of

Capillary, diseases of

Cardiac arrest

Cardiology Specialty

Cartilage, diseases of

Cerebellum, diseases of

Cervix, diseases of

Cheyne-Stokes breathing


Clinical cases from preclinical courses

Clinical cases from preclinical courses- study

Clinical cases from preclinical courses- tutorials

Clinical examination I

Clinical examination II

Clinical examination of abdominal organs

Clinical examination of adrenal gland

Clinical examination of anterior abdominal wall

Clinical examination of back

Clinical examination of chest

Clinical examination of Colon

Clinical examination of duodenum

Clinical examination of fingers

Clinical examination of gall bladder

Clinical examination of kidney

Clinical examination of liver

Clinical examination of lung

Clinical examination of organs

Clinical examination of pancreas

Clinical examination page

Clinical schedule

Clinical signs I

Clinical signs II

Clinicopathological cases

Clinicopathological cases- study

Clinicopathological cases- tutorials

Clitoris, diseases of

Clonic tonic convulsion

Coarse cepitations, Front

Coarse crepitations, Back

Coarse crepitations, Left lateral

Coarse crepitations, Right lateral

Colon, diseases of


Congenital contracture of little finger

Connective tissue, diseases of

Continuous murmur

Cough reflex

Cystic diseases of kidney

Diastolic murmur, late

Diastolic murmur, Mid

Diastolic murmurs

Dry fast

Ductus deferens, diseases of

Ear, diseases of

Early diatolic murmur


Ejection heart sounds

Elbow joint examination

Elbow tunnel syndrome

Epididymis, diseases of

Epigastrium (clinical examination)

Esophagus, diseases of

Examination of appendix

Examination of axillary lymph nodes

Examination of cervical lymph nodes

Examination of chest veins

Examination of inguinal lymph nodes

Examination of lymph nodes

Examination of lymph nodes, introduction

Examination of neck and thyroid gland

Examination of neck veins

Examination of Peritoneum

Examination of rectum

Examination of skin and mucous membrane

Examination of supratrochlear lymph nodes

Examination of the cardiovascular system

Examination of the heart

Extracardiac sounds

Eye, diseases of

Fallopian tube medicine

Family History

Fine crepitations Left lateral

Fine crepitations, Back

Fine crepitations, Front

Fine crepitations, Right lateral

Finger to nose test

Flapping tremor

Flexion tendon adhesion of the hand

Fluid thrill

Forearm examination

Forearm, (clinical examination)



Gastroenterology Specialty

General examination

General examination schedule

General Medicine

Globus pallidus, clinical

Greater vestibular gland, diseases of

Gut medicine

Gut organs examination

Hand abscess

Hand, clinical examination

Heart block

Heart sounds (all)

Heart heart sound, 2nd

Heart medicine

Heart murmurs II

Heart sound, 1st

Heart sound, 3rd

Heart sound, 4th

Heart  murmurs I


Hepatology Specialty





History of biodata

History of Presenting complaint

History of Presenting complaint

History Taking

History Taking, quiz tutorial

History, Introduction to

Hypogastric region, clinical examination

Hypogastric region, clinical examination

Inspection of heart

Inspection of lung

Inspection workpage

Inspection, Back

Inspection, Front

Inspection, Introduction

Inspection, Left lateral

Inspection, Right lateral

Inspirator stridor, Front

Inspiratory stridor, Back

Inspiratory stridor, Left lateral

Inspiratory stridor, Right lateral

Intention tremor

Introduction to vital signs

Joint sound

Joint, diseases of

Kernig's sign

Kidney, diseases of

Klumpke's paralysis

Kussmaul breathing


Larynx, diseases of

Left iliac fossa, clinical examination

Left lumbar region, clinical examination

Liver, diseases of

Long cases

Long cases -study

Long cases -tutorials

Long thoracic nerve palsy

Lung sounds I

Lung sounds II

Lung, clinical examination by frame

Lung, diseases of

Lymph node, diseases of

Median nerve palsy

Medical Emergencies



Medicine of male reproductive organs

Medicine of reproductive organs

Medicine Practical

Medicine Practical, clinical signs

Medicine Spot Diagnosis

Medicine, Integrated Specialties

Medicine, psychomotor

Medicine, Psychomotor

Medicine, Theory

Medulla, diseases of


Mid systolic click (murmur)

Middle radicular syndrome

Mitral regurgitation murmur

Mitral stenosis murmur

Motor test

Mouth, diseases of

Murmurs usin frame

Muscle, diseases of

Nephrology specialty

Nerves, diseases of

Neurological signs

Neurology specialty

Neuropsychiatry Integrated Specialty

Normal ECG


Nystagmus, rotary

Opening snap

Osteological examination

Ovary, diseases of

Palpation of heart

Palpation of lungs

Palpation workpage

Palpation, Back

Palpation, Front

Palpation, Introduction

Palpation, Left lateral

Palpation, Right lateral

Pancreas, diseases of

Pancreatic pseudocyst

Pancreatology specialty

Pansystolic murmur

Parathyroid gland, diseases of

Paraumbilical region, clinical examination

Parkinson's disease

Paroxysmal atrial tachycardia

Past History

Pectoral region neurology

Pectoral region, clinical examination

Penis, diseases of


Percussion of heart

Percussion of lungs

Percussion, Back

Percussion, Front

Percussion, Introduction

Percussion, Left lateral

Percussion, Right lateral

Peritoneum, diseases of

Pharynx, diseases of


Pineal gland, diseases of

Pitting edema

Pituitary gland, diseases of

Pleural friction rub, back

Pleural friction rub, Front

Pleural friction rub, Left lateral

Pleural friction rub, right lateral

Pons, diseases of

Presystolic murmur

Procedures in Medicine

Prostate gland, diseases of


Psychiatric history

Pulmonary edema

Pulmonary regurgitation

Pulmonology Specialty


Putamen, diseases of

Quadrants of the abdomen, clinical examination

Radial nerve palsy

Rebound tenderness

Rectum, diseases of

Regions of the abdomen, clinical examination

Reproductive organ examination

Reproductive organ examination, Female

Reproductive organ examination, Male


Rest tremor

Retrosternal area, clinical examination

Rhonchi, Back

Rhonchi, Front

Rhonchi, Left lateral

Rhonchi, Right lateral

Right hypochondrium, clinical examination

Right hypochondrium, clinical examination

Right iliac fossa, clinical examination

Right lumbar region, clinical examination

Salivary gland, diseases of

Scapular region, clinical examination


Seminal vesicle, diseases of

Sensory examination

Shifting dullness

Short cases

Short cases, 4th MB

Short cases, 5th MB

Short cases, Study

Short cases, tutorial

Skeletal muscle, diseases of

Skin turgor, examination

Small intestine examination

Small intestine, diseases of

Sneeze reflex

Social History

Spinal cord, diseases of

Spleen examination

Spleen, diseases of


Status asthmaticus

Status asthmaticus

Stomach examination

Stomach, diseases of


Subcostal plane, clinical examination

Succusion splash

Surface anatomy of head and neck, clinical examination

Surface anatomy of lower limb, clinical examination

Surface anatomy of thorax, clinical examination

Surface anatomy of upper extremity, clinical examination

Surface anatomy, clinical examination

Surface anatomy, clinical examination

Systemic review

Systolic murmurs

Tactile fremitus

Teeth, diseases of




Testis, diseases of

Thalamus, diseases of

Thoracodorsal nerve palsy

Thymus, diseases of

Thyroid gland, diseases of

Tic doloreaux

Tongue, diseases of

Tonsil, diseases of

Trachea, diseases of

Tracheal sound

Transpyloric plane, clinical examination

Transtubercular plane, clinical examination

Treatment History

Tricuspid regurgitation murmur

Triple rhythm

Ulnar nerve palsy

Upper arm label

Upper arm, clinical examination

Ureter, diseases of

Urethra, diseases of

Urinary bladder, diseases of

Urology specialty

Uterus, diseases of

Vagina, diseases of

Valvular heart diseases

Vasovagal attack

Vein, diseases of

Venerology specialty

Venrticular filling sound

Ventricular ectopic beats

Ventricular fibrillation

Ventricular septal defect murmur

Ventricular tachycardia

Venule, diseases of

Vesicular breath sound, Back

Vesicular breath sound, Front

Vesicular breath sound, Left lateral

Vesicular breath sound, Right lateral


   Vital signs video
      Blood pressure
   General examination video
  Clinical examination  videos

   History videos

  • Commercial sex worker
  • Cor pulmonale
  • Alcoholism
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Joint pain
  • Leopard skin (onchocerciasis)
  • Sickle cell disease
  • Supracondylar fracture

Vital signs examination
Volkmann's ischemic contracture

Vulva, diseases of

Wheezes, Back

Wheezes, Front

Wheezes, Left lateral

Whispering pectoriloquy I

Whispering pectoriloquy II

Wrist examination

Brain Pituitary gland Thyroid gland Thymus Lung Heart Spleen Stomach Kidney Liver Kidney Uterus Penis Pancreas Skeletal muscle Urinary bladder Colon Appendix Small intestine Trachea Eye Ear Mouth Ear Humeral injuries Radial injuries Hand Knee Knee Fibula injuries Tarsal injuries Foot phalangeal injuries Tibia injuries Ankle Metatarsal injuries Elbow injuries Nose Fallopian tube Clitoris Shoulder injuries Carpal injuries Metacarpal injuries Hand phalangeal injuries Ulnar injuries Elbow injuries Humerus Shoulder injuries Metacarpal injuries Foot phalangeal injuries






















Cell biology
Gross anatomy
Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy




Chemical Pathology


Anatomical Pathology




Skin chemistry
Skin lines
Clinical exam

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