Rhomboid fossa


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Floor which is diamond shaped and therefore called rhomboid fossa.

Back of medulla

A roof which is covered by tela choroidea and the inferior medullary velum at the back of the medulla. The rhomboid fossa (and indeed the whole of the 4th ventricle) extends to the back of the pons from the medulla (open medulla). Its lower limit or inferior edge forms the calamus scriptorius. At the lateral edge of the calamus scriptorius is the obex. Lateral and slightly superior to the obex is the hypoglossal trigone. Above this trigone is the vagal trigone. At the junction between the pons and the medulla, we have the striae medullaries. At this junction, the two lateral recesses of the 4th ventricle are found. They are the foramina of Luschka. Surrounding the junction between the pons and medulla is the vestibular area which is found within the tuberculum acousticum.

Back of pons

Above the vestibular area and directly behind the pons is the facial colliculus. This colliculus is made up of internal structures as follows


Abducent nucleus


Internal genu of the facial nerve

It contains the following at the back of the pons


Tuberculum acousticum which is part of the vestibular area


Striae medullaris


Median eminence which is continuous with that of  the medulla.

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Rhomboid fossa in Scene 7 DIGITAL LOCATOR OF RHOMBOID FOSSA: Scene 1-Brain -inferior surface. Scene 2 Expand brainstem. Scene 3, Brain -medial view -midsagittal section. Scene 4 Remove midbrain. Scene 5 Lateral view of brainstem. Scene 6 Posterior view. Scene 7 Rhomboid fossa in view. Rollover mouse to label and click to display page, Click blinking end page to display rhomboid fossa page.



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