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The uterus has 3 major coats.  The most external is the serous coat, which is made up of the peritoneal lining called parametriumThe middle coat which is the largest is size is the muscular layer.  It is called myometrium.  It has an outer  longitudinal layer of muscle which is continuous with the smooth muscles of the cervix, fallopian tube and those of the broad ligament.

      The middle muscle layer consist of transverse, oblique and longitudinal muscles.  The myometrium increases considerably in size during pregnancy.

       The mucosa of the uterus is called the endometrium.  The endometrium is very important in view of its cyclical changes in the uterine cycle which follows closely the ovarian cycle.  This is part of the general reproductive cycles.

       The endometrium is divided into 3 layers

  • The most superficial layer is the stratum spongiosum

  • Middle layer is the stratum compactum

  • Basal layer is the stratum basale

Menstrual (uterine) cycle.

Cells in uterus


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