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The  pancreas contain both endocrine and exocrine gland components and is part of the mid gut.   It has a covering of capsule and also alveolar tissue which dips down inside the pancreatic substance to form mesenchyme that divides into alveolar tissue.   The main pancreatic duct divides into very many branches.   The mucous covering is made up of epithelial cells of which the central acinal cells are the most important in exocrine function.   They are found at the terminal portions of the pancreatic ducts and are light staining.   Special parenchymal cells surround the end of the ducts and they are called the acinar cells.   The acinar cells are large and they are dark staining cells which produce the exocrine secretion of the pancreas that include enzymes.

            Special cells aggregate together in islands to form what are called islets of Langerhans.   These islets are ductless but are also highly vascularized.   Their secretions are discharged directly into the blood stream.   The cells which are endocrine cells. Are of four major groups.

1.                  A cells which produce glucagon.

2.                  B cells which produce insulin

3.                  PP cells which produce pancreatic polypeptide

4.                  AB cell which produce somatostatin

These are all APUD cells and they also belong to the gastroenteropancreatic (GEP) system


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