Nasal cavity



Histology of nasal cavity


The nasal cavity is divided into three separate zones

Vestibule- which is the passage of the nasal cavity to the outside. It contains hairs. It connects internally with the respiratory zone which is lined with respiratory epithelium. The area which covers the superior nasal conchae in the nasal cavity contains the olfactory epithelium.

Respiratory mucosa

This contains pseudostratified columnar epithelium which rests on a basal lamina. It contains the followjng cells

  • Goblet cell

  • Non ciliated columnar cells

  • Basal cells.

Olfactory mucosa

This contains olfactory epithelium which also has pseudostratified columnar epithelium which is thicker walled than the respiratory epithelium of the respiratory mucosa. It contains three types of cells in its epithelium

  • Olfactory cells which are modified neurons

  • Sustentacular cells

  • Basal cells.


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