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At least 9 different cell types can be identified in the respiratory tract. Just like in other systems, we shall not concern ourselves with ultrastructural details of cell types which belong to the connective tissue or muscle cell or nerve cells that are found in most other systemic mesenchyme. They are best discussed under the consideration of tissues.

          The cell types can be listed as follows;

ciliated cell, brush cell, basal cell, goblet cell, Clara cell, argentaffinic cell, pneumocyte I, pneumocyte II, alveolar phagocytes.

          In addition there are interstitial cells in the alveolar epithelium which probably produce collagen and elastin and are most likely fibroblasts.

          Four different cell types are present in the epithelium of the large respiratory tracts which are the trachea and bronchus. This epithelium is called the respiratory epithelium in order to distinguish it from the epithelium found in other parts of the respiratory system. All cells are connected to one another by means of tight junctions in this epithelium.


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