Gastroenteropancreatic endocrine system cell




Some cells were discovered in the last century to be different from other gastrointestinal cells (GIT). These cells were called basal granulated cells based in light microscopic findings. They were latter on discovered to have endocrine functions. The following names have been ascribed to them: basal granulated cells, gastroenteric endocrine cells, enteroendocrine cells. Recently other name have been applied. Enterochromaffin cell was applied after demonstrating chromaffin reaction in the contained granules of these cells. Argyrophilic and argentaphinic cells were the names applied after the discovery of argyrophilic and argentaphin reactions. They were later called APUD cells and gut paraneurons. They are as follows


  1. Pancreas B, A, D and PP (F) cells produce insulin, glucagon, somatostatin, pancreatic polypeptide and met-enkephalin

  2. Stomach G cells produces Gastrin-17, enkephalin, ACTH and MSH

  3. Stomach AL cell produces glucagon

  4. Stomach ECI cell produces substance P

  5. ECL cell or enterochromaffin like cell which produces histamine

  6. Intestinal D cell which produces serotonin

  7. Intestinal EC1 cell which produces substance P and serotonin

  8. Intestinal M cell which produces motilin

  9. Intestinal L cell which produces glicentin

  10. Intestinal K cell  and D cell which produces somatostatin and gastric inhibitory peptide

  11. Intestinal N cell which produces neurotensin

  12. Intestinal H cell which produces vasoactive inhibitory peptide and porcine heptacosapeptide.

  13. Intestinal I cell and P cell which produces cholecystokinin and bombesin.

  14. Intestinal P cell which produces bombesin

  15. Intestinal IG cell which produces gastrin-34

  16. Intestinal S cell and L cell which produces secretin and glicentin.

  17. Intestine TG cell produces C-terminal gastrin and cholecystokinin

  18. Gall bladder APUD cells




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