Enterochromaffin cell




Enterochromaffin or EC cell is an APUD/enteroendocrine cell which occurs all over the gut from stomach to rectum. They are entero-chromaffin cells which are argyrophilic, osmiophillic, argentaphinic and are chromaffin reaction positive. By the Flack-Hillarp fluorescence histochemical method, they emit yellow formaldehyde induced fluorescence which is due to the considerably amount of serotonin in the cell. They are divided into 3 sub-types called EC-1, EC-2 and ECN. EC-1 contains serotonin and substance P; EC-2 contains motilin and ECN contains no identified material. EC cells are normally open type, but in the gastric corpus, they are close. It is also a paraneuron.



Creator: Oluwole Ogunranti