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Bone is covered by periosteum. This layer of covering is followed by compact bone and then spongy inner bone. In the center of the bone is the medullary cavity which forms the bone marrow that is either red or yellow.  The medullary cavity is usually filled up with adipose tissue and in the red marrow, it consists of hemopoietic tissue. Spongy bone is made up of trabeculated bony tissue which consists of spaced hence the name spongy. It also has a network of interconnecting bony tissue. The compact bone is compact and also porous having only small spaces which are microscopic. The compact bone has more bony tissue than spongy tissue. It consists of lacunae which are holes inhabited by bone cells and lamellae.

Three types of bones are recognized

Bone cells are as follows

Bones can develop in either

Bone marrow

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