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This is a special type of large colon with a narrow lumen and abundance of lymphocytes below the crypts of Lieberkuhn.  It also contains abundance of lymphatic tissue in the lamina propria of the villi.

It has the following coats from inner to outer coats

Mucous layer: This has three layers as follows- muscularis mucosae is the most external,  epithelium (the most internal), and lamina propria (which is the middle). The epithelium does not have villi but possesses microvilli. It also has numerous glands called crypts of Lieberkuhn.

Submucous layer is similar to the small intestine. In the appendix, this has numerus  lymphatic rings or follicles which is a distinguishing feature.

Muscular layer has circular layer with outer longitudinal fibers which are not grouped into tenia coli although this structure begins and spreads to the colon from the root of the appendix.

Serosa is the layer of visceral peritoneum



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