Heart development by simulation-animation video


Heart development video [Interactive video text]

At about the 3rd week of gestation, the heart development begins with an extracoelomic cavity placed cranially which is going to form the pericardial cavity. Initially this cavity is continuous with the general coelomic cavity forming the pericardio-peritoneal cavity or the pleuroperitoneal cavity.

The formation of the heart begins with the development of two parallel endothelial tubes in the cardiogenic mesoderm or cardiogenic area. The endothelial tubes are made up of endothelium, endothelium is made up of endothelial cells. They are derived from the original tissue of all blood vessels and blood corpuscles. The primordial cells of the haemocytoblast is the original cell with the same origin as blood cells. The two endothelia tubes will then fuse to form a single tube. The tube will now become invaginated by the pericardial cavity. The tube will have the following parts

  1. The most caudal is the atrium

  2. Cranial to the atrium is the ventricle

  3. The most cranial part will be the bulbus cordis

  4. This single endothelial tube will be initially connected the paired aortae placed dorsal to it.


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Heart development video


 3rd week heart  
3 weeks heart  
4 weeks heart  
4 weeks heart  
5 weeks heart  
6 weeks heart  
Adult heart  



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