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  Do course and lab and then perform examination. Pass in examination will fetch you a certificate in e-Chemical Pathology.

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Acne vulgaris  Acne vulgaris  Acrodermatitis enteropathica  Acrodermatitis enteropathica  Albino, black   Albino, black  Albino, white   Albino, white    Allergic dermatitis  Allergic dermatitis   Angioneurotic oedema   Angioneurotic edema   Acanthosis nigricans  Actinic keratosis  Adenoma sebaceum  Alopecia areata  Angiomas  Angular stomatitis  Anogenital herpes  Anthrax, early  Arch  Arthropod sting  Athelete's foot  Atopic dermatitis  Baldness  Basal cell carcinomaBasal cell carcinoma 2  Bedsore  Behcet's syndrome  Benign fibrous histioma  Brown spider recluse bite  Candidasis of axilla  Candidiasis of scalp  Candidiasis, pruritus scrotum  Carbuncle  Cavernous hemangioma  Cellulitis  Chicken pox  Condyloma acuminata  Contact dermatitis  Cutaneous leishmaniasis  Cutaneous leishmaniasis  Cutis laxa  Dermatitis herpetiformis  Dermatoglyphics  Dermatoglyphics in Down's syndrome   Dermatomycoses  Dermatophytosis  Dermatophytosis 2  Dermatophytosis 3  Dermatophytosis, of foot 1  Dermatophytosis, of foot 2  Dermatophytosis, of foot 3  Dermatophytosis, of face  Dermatophytosis and furunculosis  Dermatophytosis of palm  Dry skin   Dysplastic nevi  Elastic skin reaction  Epidermolysis bullosa   Epidermolysis bullosa  Epithelial cyst  Erythema marginatum (rheumatic fever)  Erythema multiforme  Erythema nodosum  Exfoliative palm  Fibroepithelial polyp  Finger print  Follicular hyperkeratosis  Folliculitis  Freckle  Furunculosis 1  Furunculosis 2  Granuloma, infected  Genital wart  German measles  Hairy leukoplakiaHairy leukoplakiaHenoch-Schönlein purpura  Heliotrope rash  Herpes simplex  Herpes cutaneous  Herpes genitalis1  Herpes genitalis2  Herpes genitalis3  Herpes genitalis4  Herpes with Gentian violet  Herpes labialis 1  Herpes labialis 2  Herpes labialis, chronic  Herpes labialis, mucocutaneous  Herpes, oral 1  Herpes, oral 2  Herpes, rash healed  Herpes, erythematous  Herpetic ulcer 1  Herpetic ulcer 2  Herpetic ulcer, chronic  Herpes zoster, white skin  Herpes zoster   Herpes zoster, abdominal wall  Herpes zoster, acute phase 1  Herpes zoster, acute phase 2  Herpes zoster with gentian violet  Herpes zoster of V1 1  Herpes zoster of V1 2  Herpes zoster, scarring 1  Herpes zoster, scarring 2  Herpes zoster of T12  Herpes zoster of T12, healing  Herpes zoster of V1 with blindness  Hives  Hirsutism  Hypopigmentation of skin  Hygroma of elbow with lymphangioma   Impetigo  Impetigo   Kaposi's sarcoma of face  Kaposi's sarcoma of face, edema  Kaposi's sarcoma, hyperemic  Kaposi's sarcoma of left leg  Kaposi's sarcoma lesions  Kaposi's sarcoma of lip, oropharynx  Kaposi's sarcoma, nodular  Kaposi's sarcoma, palm  Kaposi's sarcoma in pregnancy  Kaposi's sarcoma, right foot  Kaposi's sarcoma, scrotum  Kaposi's sarcoma  Keloid  Keratoacanthoma  Keratoderma blennorrhagica  Koilocytosis, human papilloma virus (HPV)  Leishmaniasis, dermal  Leprosy  Leprosy   Leukoplakia  Lichen planus   Lichen planus 1  Lichen planus 2  Lichen planus 3  Lichen planus trunk  Lipoma  Loop  MaCune Albright syndrome  Malar rash  Malignant melanoma  Melanocytic nevus  Melanoma  Melasma  Merkel's cell carcinoma  Miliaria rubra  Miliaria rubra  Molluscum contagiosum 1  Molluscum contagiosum 2  Molluscum contagiosum 3  Molluscum contagiosum, axilla  Molluscum contagiosum, penis  Molluscum contagiosum, thigh  Mycetoma, resolving  Mycetoma of scalp  Mycetoma of scalp with sinuses  Mycetoma of scalp with abscesses  Nummular dermatitis  Oncoderma  Onycholysis  Onychomycosis 1  Onychomycosis 2  Onychomycosis 3  Onychomycosis with HIV  Palmar erythema  Papular lesion on face  Paronychia  Pellagra  Pemphigus  Pemphigus  Pityriasis rosae  Pityriasis versicolor   Pityriasis versicolor  Plantar wart  Poikilorchis congolense  Portwine stain  Prickly heat  Pruritic hyperemic rash  Psoriasis  Psoriasis 1  Psoriasis 2  Psoriasis 3  Psoriasis 4  Psoriasis 5  Psoriasis, hyperkeratosis  Psoriasis, nail  Psoriasis, resolving  Psoriasis, right leg  Psoriasis, trunk  Pustule  Pustule of neck  Pyoderma gangrenosum  Rattle snake bite  Raynaud's phenomenon  Rosacea  Scabies   Scabies 1  Scabies 2  Scleroderma  Scratch dermatitis  Seborrheic dermatitis   Seborrheic dermatitis 1  Seborrheic dermatitis 2  Seborrheic dermatitis 3  Seborrheic dermatitis, scalp  Seborrheic keratosis  Skin tags  Spider angioma  Statis dermatitis  Squamous cell carcinoma  Strawberry mark  Sturge-Weber syndrome  Sunburn  Tineae   Tinea barbae Tinea capitis  Tinea capitis  Tinea corporis  Tinea corporis 1  Tinea corporis 2  Tinea corporis ring worm  Tinea cruris  Tinea cruris 1  Tinea cruris 2  Tinea cruris 3  Tinea cruris 4  Tinea cruris resolving  Tinea fasciei  Tinea manus  Tinea pedis  Tinea pedis  Tinea unguium  Tinea unguium 1  Tinea unguium 2  Tinea unguium 3  Ulcer, chronic  Varicose vein  Vitamin K deficiency  Vitiligo  Common warts  Warts   Warts with fistulae  Whorl  Xeroderma pigmentosum  Xeroderma pigmentosum  Xerosis  Zinc deficiency


Pediatric dermatology

Abscess  Acne vulgaris  Allergic dermatitis -eczema  Atypical nevus  Cellulitis  Cheilitis  Common wart  Erythema infectiosum  Flat wart  Folliculitis  Furunculosis  Herpes simplex infection  Impetigo  Irritant contact dermatitis  Keratosis pilaris  Lentigo simplex  Milia  Mole nevus  Molluscum contagiosum 

Perioral dermatitis  Pityriasis alba  Pyogenic granuloma  Roseola  Seborrheic dermatitis  Spider angioma  Tinea faciale  Urticaria




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