OF JOS IN 20 YEARS (1989-2009)

As Ag HOD Anatomy 1990-1998; HOD 2000-2004



1.   Produced 20 Intercalated BSc (Anatomy) medical graduates between 2007-2010 (double

      qualifications of Anatomy & medicine). The LARGEST EVER IN NIGERIA

2.   Graduated the FIRST MSc Anatomy students in 2007

3.   Approved expansion of Human Anatomy Museum, Jos, from recommendation in 1995. Done in  


4.   Registered the FIRST PG (MSc Anatomy) students 2005

5.   Professor John Onuminya became Professor of Surgery in 2005 at Ekpoma and Dean of Faculty of

      Clinical Sciences  is the FIRST alumnus professor of UNIJOS. He received research training in this

      department 1990-1994.

6.    FIRST department to computerize all examination records in UNIJOS -2004

7.    TOTAL OF 20 DISTINCTIONS IN ANATOMY from 1991-2004

8.    FIRST department to initiate internet examinations for students in UNIJOS- 2003

9.    Produced and Launched the FIRST interactive CD In Medicine/anatomy in Africa – 2003

10.   FIRST department to have all courses placed on internet for use of students-2002

11.   2 Distinctions in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- March 2002.

12.   FIRST department to use electronic examinations 2002

13.       First to teach Molecular Biology in Medicine to medical students in the country 1990

14.   FIRST Department to have Website  -2002

15.   Graduated the FIRST BSc student in the Faculty 2002

16.   Produced the FIRST BSc Anatomy Graduates 2002

17.   FIRST department to use internet to teach in the classroom in UNJOS 2001

18.   FIRST department to have a network of computers for staff and students 2001

19.   FIRST department to give technical staff/technical section  computers for use in the        
        Laboratory 2001

20.   FIRST department to use power point presentation by students in seminars- 2001

21.   FIRST department to have Computer Laboratory in UNIJOS 2001

22.   FIRST department to use television projector to teach in UNIJOS 2001

23.   FIRST department to be internet connected in UNIJOS 2001

24.   Developed the FIRST BSc Anatomy programme in UNIJOS 1998

25.   FIRST Embryology Museum using Clay models 1997

26.   FIRST to host a regional Scientific Conference in Anatomy Department- Anatomical Society of West   

       Africa in 1997

27.   Built the famous Anatomy Garden 1997

28.   Eight Distinctions in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- August  1997

29.   Three Distinctions in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- March 1996

30.   Built the Human anatomy Museum-FIRST and only one in Africa 1995

31.   Five Distinctions in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- May 1995

32.   FIRST Histology Museum  in the department 1995

33.   FIRST department to teach students/anatomy using computers in the department  1992

34.   Distinction in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- March 1992

35.   Distinction in Anatomy at 2nd Professional Examination- March 1991- now Senior Lecturer in

        Surgery at JUTH

36.    FIRST African Head of Department, 1990

37.    FIRST Living Anatomy Laboratory in the department 1990

38.    FIRST Anatomy Research Laboratory in department 1990

39.    First to teach Molecular Biology in Medicine to Postgraduate students in the country (to

         Pharmacology  students in UNIJOS) 1990.  First set have become Professors

40.    First to teach Molecular Biology in Medicine to medical students in the country 1990





41.   FIRST to produce a moving Electronic MITU with over 100 videos and 4000 slides  in a DVD-ROM to teaching staff free 2006

41.   FIRST to give out free to departments Electronic Objective Structured Clinical Examination (EOSCE) CD-ROMs free 2006

42.   FIRST to give out Service CD-ROMs to all staff.  It contains materials of historical interest and IT facilities used in the faculty  2006

43.   20 VCDs as video back up donation for use in MITU by students with  a lending service in which students or indeed staff, can borrow specific videos for a period of time. 2006

44.  2006

45.   Website is used as the model for achievement in Electronic medicine and Faculty is said to be unique because of Electronic Medicine as enumerated for the Licensing bodies of the USA in Medicine – Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in 2006.

46.   Computerization of all preclinical clinical demonstrations in the faculty see   2006

47.   Developed Saturday school under PBL group to perform Saturday examinations on internet all of which are practically oriented. 2006

48.   Resource database of 160GB donation as Video library for MITU 2006

49.   Resource database library which has become world famous, but FIRST donated to the Faculty by my humble self today called ELLM- electronic learning library of Medicine. It is 100GB size. 2006

50.   Placement of all our new edition of the Faculty Journal (Journal of Medicine in the Tropics) on internet- the entire content, which is not downloadable or even printable. Go and see for yourself. 2006

51.   Wrote and submitted proposals for BSc Medical Laboratory Science, and BSc Imaging Science (Radiography),  2006

52.   Proposed the Medical Informatics Model for Nursing Department so that Graduate Nursing will be the center of Electronic Health Care Management in a Electronic Hospital, 2006

53.   Obtained internet network wiring to Biochemistry Department from Dean’s office; Last function as Dean, 2006

54.   Promoted the largest number of academic staff in recent times (1990-2006) from 2004-6

55.   PRODUCED THE FIRST Faculty/Student Handbook IN 26 years  2005

56.   FIRST to introduce TELEMEDICINE  2005

57.   Demonstration of TELEMEDICINE IN Faculty to NUC Science Fair, Abuja Dec 2005

58.   FIRST to introduce TELESURGERY 2005

59.   FIRST to computerize student records 2005

60.   Developed Computer Laboratory at MITU 2005

61.   Produced Electronic Midwife program June 2005

62.   Produced Electronic Doctor program (first of its kind) August 2005

63.   FIRST to introduce Problem based learning (PBL) in the faculty 2005

64.   FIRST to introduce computer assisted learning to students in Medicine 2005

65.   FIRST to give out free Anatomy Clip Art for medical teachers  2005

66.   FIRST to give out video on ‘How to use the Computer’ to all Faculty staff free 2005

67.   FIRST to give out COMPUTERS to staff for Faculty networking 2005

68.   FIRST to obtain approval of the Collegiate system in Senate of the University and to also obtain approval for the Statute of the College, 2005

69.   Abolished manual/calculator method of result collation in favor of computerization 2004

70.   FIRST to place results of students on internet  in UNIJOS 2004

71.   Set up the FIRST Faculty website in October 2004 for administering examination and for releasing results to include other materials for the use by students to learn 2004 (  It contains Electronic clinical conferences, Electronic clinicopathological conferences, electronic  museums in Pathology (  and Community Health (

72.   FIRST to set up Electronic bill board for Faculty notices on internet 2004

73.   FIRST to give out medical resources CD-ROM free to staff and students 2004

74.   FIRST to give out Embryology video CD- FIRST in the world 2004

75.   FIRST to give out Electronic Dissector CD to staff free 2004

76.   FIRST to give out Osteology Tutorial CD  free to academic staff 2004

77.   FIRST to open email addresses for all Departments existing in the Faculty 2004

78.   FIRST to send all Faculty Board minutes to email boxes of members and all Faculty members by GSM/mobile telephone SMS service (text). 2004

79.   SERVICE to all through faculty website which contains a very large and procedure oriented medical resources (FIRST of its kind). 2004

80.   FIRST to make proposals for the movement of the entire College to Shere Hills pari passu with the movement of the Teaching Hospital.  2004



81.   I represented/defended the Faculty and myself in up to 6 six legal suits and won them all! 2006




82.   Computerization of the Human Anatomy Museum and production of its CD-ROM called Electronic Human Anatomy Museum  FIRST of its kind 2009

83.   FIRST to begin the teaching of Electronic Anatomy to students in which all anatomy is computerized – 2008.

84.   Only Professor of Anatomy to write bench mark standard in Postgraduate Studies in Anatomy for Nigeria by the NUC using the self-developed programme of the Department of Anatomy of Jos- 2008-

85.   FIRST to teach Medical informatics to Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science students in the Faculty  2007.

86.   Nominated for UNESCO ICT Award in 2007

87.   Represented Faculty as NUC Accreditation team member to the following Universities from 2006-9. Niger Delta University, Imo State University, University of Port Harcourt, Obafemi Awolowo University [Chairman], Madonna University, Ladoke  Akintola  University of Technology, Ogbomosho [Chairman], Abia State University, Babcock University  [Chairman]

88.   Represented Faculty as Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria Accreditation team Chairman to University of Maiduguri College of Medical Sciences, 2006. 

89.   Electronic School of Medicine  2006

90.   Donated 3 television sets to MITU 2006

91.   Donated 2 DVD players to MITU 2006

92.   Placing the entire Human Anatomy Museum on internet at Faculty web address

http://www.hamj,org/anatomy/museum/framestudy.htm 2006




1.   Supervised 3 BSc Anatomy student projects in anatomy 1989

2.   I was Ag Head of Department of Anatomy for 2 year (1983-85)

4.   Produced a compendium of information on the BSc Anatomy curriculum in form of a book  called    

      Degree anatomy in 1985. 800 pages which is still being used by BSc students in Nigeria today. ThisisthefirstadvanetetbookofAnatomy in the wholeworld

5.   Supervised 10 student projects for BSc Anatomy 1985

6.   Produced video material which were made professionally for the Department of Anatomy of the  

      University 1983-85.

7.   Drew up the curriculum for the BSc Anatomy of the University in 1983 which is still being

      followed till today.

8.  Supervised 21 BSc student projects in Anatomy 1983

9.  Started video teaching of anatomy and histology in Port Harcourt in 1981

10. Began research into anthropometry and dermatoglyphics in Anatomy in Nigeria from Port Harcourt in 1983.














Awards: Has over 100 International awards and 23 Local awards in Medicine, Anatomy, research, teaching and service.

Global achievement (first in the entire world)

Curriculum vitate


Professor Sir John Oluwole Ogunranti, KOJ (UK)