ORIGIN: Right and left common iliac vein

COURSE/DRAINAGE: It begins on the L5 vertebra to the right of the abdominal aorta. It ascends on the anterior surface of lumbar vertebrae to reach the diaphragm which it pierces at the caval opening at the level of T8. It ascends in the posterior mediastinum passing through the fibrous pericardium to enter the right atrium where it is guarded by a valve of the inferior vena cava. In the abdomen it passes in front of the root of mesentery, right gonadal artery and superior part of the duodenum. On the left side are the right ureter, descending part of duodenum, right lobe of liver and right kidney. To the right is the abdominal aorta.


bullet Common iliac veins
bullet Lumbar veins
bullet Right gonadal vein
bullet Hepatic veins
bullet Inferior phrenic veins
bullet Renal vein
bullet Right suprarenal vein



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