Clinical aspect of pectoral region

Surface anatomy

Pectoral region 1 pectoralis major 2 floor of axilla


  • The muscles of the pectoral girdle and the shoulder can be tested by the range of movements affected by the shoulder joint. They are abduction, adduction, external rotation and internal rotation. Abduction and adduction will normally test the action of the pectoral muscle and the deltoid. Rotation will test the action of the rotator cuff muscles.

  • Raised arm test can be used in determining the integrity of the shoulder arc. For example when a patient is asked to raise his two arms up with the palm touching above, if normal he experiences no pain. If abnormal, then action causes pain at the range of 60o-120o and this may be caused by rupture of supraspinatus tendon and the condition is then termed the painful arc syndrome.





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Pectoral girdle

Shoulder joint

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