A body cavity or a space leading to another in the body.. Examples are -vestibule of the perineum, vestibule of mouth, part of the left ventricle below the aortic orifice (aortic vestibule) and the labyrinth, and the contained inner ear vestibule.











































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Mouth and pharynx- 3D rotation

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11 tongue 2 hard palate 3 lower lip 4 lingual nerve 5 lingual artery 6 sternocleidomastoid 7 uvula 8 sublingual gland  9 geniohyoid 10 mylohyoid 11 anterior belly of digastric 12 platysma 13 mandible 14 vestibule of mouth 15 infrahyoid muscles 16 stylohyoid 17 external iliac artery 18 facial artery 19 occipital artery 20 stermocleidomastoid branch of occipital artery 21 internal carotid artery 22 styloglossus 23 hyoid

1 epiglottis 2 thyroid cartilage 3 sublingual gland 4 genioglossus 5 palatopharyngeal arch 6 palatine tonsil 7 palatoglossal arch 8 geniohyoid 9 mylohyoid 10 hyoid 11 laryngopharynx 12 hard palate 13 nasopharynx 14 oropharynx





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