Soft tissue containing extrinsic and intrinsic muscles in the mouth and pharynx. It is divided into anterior 2/3 in the mouth and posterior 1/3 which is placed in the upper part of pharynx. This is separated by inverted V shaped groove called sulcus terminalis whose apex is the foramen cecum the embryological origin of the thyroid gland. The frenulum lingulae is found at the undersurface. Its mucosa at its dorsum contains papillae.

Intrinsic muscles

bullet Transverse
bullet Longitudinal
bullet Vertical

Extrinsic muscles of tongue:

bullet Genioglossus
bullet Palatoglossus
bullet Hyoglossus
bullet Styloglossus


Lingual artery; branch of external carotid artery


Lingual vein


bullet Anterior 2/3- lingual branch of V
bullet Posterior 1/3 (common sensation and taste)- IX
bullet Muscles- all muscles XII except palatoglossus by pharygneal branch of X


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Tongue muscles- 3D model














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Injuries to neck
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