Sac which carries the testes. It is also called scrotal sac

It has the following layers


Skin which is rough in appearance like the wrinkled skin of an old man. It has the following layers


Superficial fascia which contains the dartos muscle that fuses with the Scarpa's fascia coming from the anterior abdominal wall.


Spermatic fasciae consisting of the external, internal and cremasteric fasciae


Tunica vaginalis testis


Tunica albuginea which is the external covering of testis.


Scrotum from the back



Penis and scotum Dissected penis Parts of penis Perineum and scrotum from behind Scrotum from behind

Circumcised  penis Uncircumcised penis anatomy Structure of penis Fresh penis Variations


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Roll over mouse for cross section of testis

1 skin 2 spermatic fasciae 3 lobules of testis 4 mediastinum testis 5 tunica vaginalis testis 6 tunica albuginea 7  part of tunica albuginea 8 vas deferens


1  branches of posterior scrotal artery  2 superficial fascia  3 skin  4 dartos muscle  5 cremaster and fascia and internal spermatic fascia






DIGITAL LOCATOR OF MALE PERINEUM: Layer 1 Layer of skin of male perineum. Layer 2 Layer of superficial fascia of male perineum. Layer 3 Layer of superficial muscles in superficial perineal pouch of male perineum. Layer 4 Layer of intermediate muscles in deep perineal pouch of male perineum. Layer 5 Layer of deep muscles in deep perineal pouch of male perineum. Layer 6 Pelvic outlet as margins of perineum. Rollover mouse to label, click to display page. Layer 1 Layer of skin of male perineum




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