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There are seven artificial (imaginary) layers of the pelvis by dissection from below at the pelvis as opposed from above from the lower abdomen.


Layer 1: Skin of anterior abdominal wall below the umbilicus to the perineum.

It carries the skin of the external genitalia containing


bullet Penis
bullet Scrotum


Clinical examination

Pelvic layers

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Lets build the pelvis 1 with Dr Dauzvardis




Male pelvis

Layer 1: Skin of male/female pelvis

Layer 2: Superficial fascia below the umbilicus

Layer 3: Intermediate dissection of pelvis /Pelvic fascia

Layer 4: Deep layer of pelvis/Pelvic inlet/greater pelvis

Layer 5: Deepest layer of pelvis/Pelvic vessels and nerves
Layer 6: Pelvic floor layer
Layer 7:
Layer of bones of pelvis


Female pelvis

Layer 1: Skin of male/female pelvis

Layer 2: Pelvic fascia

Layer 3: Greater pelvis
Layer 4: Lesser pelvis

Layer 5: Pelvic floor

Layer 6: Pelvic bones




DIGITAL LOCATOR OF MALE PELVIS: Layer 1 Skin of pelvis- anterior abdominal wall and perineum). Layer 2- Superficial aspect of pelvis.  Layer 3 - intermediate ion of male pelvis. Layer  4 - deep dissection of male pelvisLayer 5- deepest layer of male pelvis. Layer 6- layer of pelvic floor of male pelvis. Layer  7 - layer of pelvic bones

Layer 1 Skin of pelvis




Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy
Clinical examination
Lesser pelvis
Pelvic canal
Pelvic cavity
Pelvic corridor
Pelvic girdle

Hip bone

Lumbosacral joint

Sacrococcygeal joint

Sacrococcygeal joint

Intercoccygeal joints

Pelvic examination
Injuries to sacrum
Injuries to coccyx
Injuries to hip bone
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