That part of abdomen which interconnects the abdomen proper with the pelvis. It lies to the right of and communicates with left infracolic compartment. It is also called abdominopelvic corridor.

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1 right infracolic compartment 2 left infracolic compartment 3 mesentery 4 transverse mesocolon 5 right paracolic gutter 6 left paracolic gutter 7 sigmoid mesocolon 8 supracolic compartment 9 duodenojejunal junction



DIGITAL LOCATOR OF PELVIC CORRIDOR FROM ABOVE (ABDOMEN). Layer 1, skin of abdomen above the pelvic cavity; Layer 2 of fasciae of anterior abdominal wall; Layer 3 of rectus sheath; Layer 4 of parietal peritoneum and transversalis fascia; Layer 5 of peritoneal pelvic cavity; Layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia; Roll over mouse to label; click to display pages and click blinking endpage to display pelvic corridor in layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia page Layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia containing pelvic corridor




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