(Lesser pelvis , pelvic canal)


This is the pelvis below the pelvic brim, i.e. below the lineae terminales and sacral promontory. It is also called true pelvis or lesser pelvis. It contains pelvic viscera and has the parietal peritoneum covering the superior aspects of the pelvic viscera and dipping in between the viscera to form pouches. The main pelvic cavity covered by parietal peritoneum is a peritoneal pouch.

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The pelvic cavity is further divided into three subcavities

bullet Inlet: The pelvic brim or superior aperture of lesser pelvis
bullet Midcavity at the level of the ischial spines
bullet Outlet: At the level of the outer margin of the bony pelvis which also marks the bony margins of the perineum

BONES: Pelvis


bullet Pelvis: Levator ani Coccygeus
bullet Perineum: Bulbospongiosus Ischiocavernosus Superficial transverse perineal muscle Deep transverse prineal muscle  Sphincter urethrae External anal sphincter

Arteries: Right common iliac artery, left common iliac artery, Internal iliac artery

Veins: Left common iliac veins, right common iliac vein, internal iliac veins

Nerves: Branches of lumbar and sacral plexuses, vagus, sympathetic nerves

Others-organs: Intestine, gallbladder, rectum, Reproductive organs

Male: Seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, ductus deferens, urinary bladder, ureters.

Female: Ovary, fallopian tube, uterus, cervix, vagina

Layers of pelvis

Clinical examination


Elementary dissector Advanced dissector


Elementary dissector Advanced dissector


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Pelvis female video          Layers of pelvis links       Electronic dissector    Structure locator

Lets build the pelvis 1 with Dr Dauzvardis


DIGITAL LOCATOR OF PELVIC CAVITY: Layer 1, skin of abdomen above the pelvic cavity; Layer 2 of fasciae of anterior abdominal wall; Layer 3 of rectus sheath; Layer 4 of parietal peritoneum and transversalis fascia; Layer 5 of peritoneal pelvic cavity; Layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia; Layer 7 of greater pelvis; Layer 8 of lesser pelvis; Layer 9 of pelvic floor; Layer 10 of joints and ligaments of pelvis; Layer 11 of bones of pelvis.; Rollover mouse to label; click to display page. Click blinking end page to display pelvis page




Lymphatic drainage

Organ integration
Clinical anatomy
Clinical examination

Lesser pelvis
Pelvic canal
Pelvic cavity
Pelvic corridor
Pelvic girdle

Hip bone

Lumbosacral joint

Sacrococcygeal joint

Sacrococcygeal joint

Intercoccygeal joints

Pelvic examination
Injuries to sacrum
Injuries to coccyx
Injuries to hip bone
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