(Pelvic inlet, superior aperture of lesser pelvis)


This is the pelvic brim of lesser pelvis and it runs from the superior border of symphysis medially to join the linea terminalis and then the sacral promontory. The linea terminalis includes the pecten pubis, and arcuate line of ilium.

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DIGITAL LOCATOR OF PELVIC CAVITY: Layer 1, skin of abdomen above the pelvic cavity; Layer 2 of fasciae of anterior abdominal wall; Layer 3 of rectus sheath; Layer 4 of parietal peritoneum and transversalis fascia; Layer 5 of peritoneal pelvic cavity; Layer 6 of pelvic peritoneum and fascia; Layer 7 of greater pelvis; Layer 8 of lesser pelvis; Layer 9 of pelvic floor; Layer 10 of joints and ligaments of pelvis; Layer 11 of bones of pelvis.; Rollover mouse to label; click to display page. Click blinking end page to display pelvis page


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Lesser pelvis
Pelvic canal
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Pelvic girdle

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Lumbosacral joint

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Sacrococcygeal joint

Intercoccygeal joints

Pelvic examination
Injuries to sacrum
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