Layers of palm - content 


These layers are imaginary based on dissections of the palm.

bulletLayer 1
Skin contains
bulletThenar eminence
bullet Hypothenar eminence,
bulletFinger pulps,
bulletMidpalmar area,
bulletDistal digital crease
bulletMiddle digital crease
bulletProximal digital crease
bulletDistal transverse crease
bulletProximal transverse crease
bulletRadial longitudinal crease
bulletUlnar longitudinal crease


bulletLayer 2: Superficial fascia of palm contains
bullet Palmar cutaneous of ulnar nerve
bullet Lateral cutaneous of forearm
bullet Superficial branch of radial nerve
bullet Palmar digital branch of median
bullet Common digital nerve of hand (from ulnar nerve)
bullet Proper digital nerves of hand
bulletPalmar venous plexus

Palmar digital vein


Palmar metacarpal vein


bulletLayer 3: Palmar aponeurosis layer contains
bulletPalmar aponeurosis
bullet Common digital nerves and vessels
bullet Thenar space exposing

abductor pollicis brevis and flexor pollicis  brevis

bulletHypothenar space exposing-

abductor digiti minimi and

flexor digiti minimi

bulletUlnar nerve
bulletLayer 4Superficial palmar arch layer containing
bulletMidpalmar space
bulletFlexor retinaculum
bulletFibrous flexor sheaths
bulletMedian nerve  and branches
bulletSuperficial palmar arch  containing
bulletSuperficial branch of ulnar artery
bulletSuperficial branch of radial artery


bulletLayer 5: Layer of superficial flexor tendons
bulletCommon synovial flexor sheath

Flexor digitorum superficialis


Flexor pollicis longus

bulletOpponens pollicis
bulletOpponens digiti minimi
bulletUlnar bursa
bulletRadial bursa
bulletPulp spaces of fingers


bulletLayer 6Layer of deep flexor tendon
bulletDeep flexor tendons of flexor digitorum profundus mainly
bulletCarpal tunnel


bulletLayer 7: Adductor pollicis layer
bullet Adductor pollicis
bullet Deep palmar branch of ulnar
bulletMedial palmar metacarpal arteries
bullet Palmar ligaments of metacarpophalangeal joints


bulletLayer 8: Deep palmar arch layer containing
bullet Deep palmar arch
bullet Deep branch of ulnar nerve
bullet Palmar carpal arch

Palmar interossei

bullet1st dorsal interosseous


bulletLayer 9: Layer of interossei and joints
bullet2nd dorsal interossei
bullet3rd dorsal interossei
bullet4th dorsal interossei

Pisohamate ligament


Pisometacarpal ligament

bullet Palmar radiocarpal ligament  


bulletLayer 10: Layer of bone


Metacarpal I

   Metacarpal II

   Metacarpal III

   Metacarpal IV

   Metacarpal V


Phalanges of Hand

   Proximal phalanx of thumb

   Distal phalanx of thumb

   Index finger

   Proximal phalanx of index finger

   Middle phalanx of index finger

   Distal phalanx of index finger

   Middle finger

   Proximal phalanx of middle finger

   Middle phalanx of middle finger

   Distal phalanx of middle finger

   Ring finger

   Proximal phalanx of ring finger

   Middle phalanx of 4th ring finger

   Distal phalanx of  ring finger

   Little finger

   Proximal phalanx of little finger

   Middle phalanx of 5th little finger

   Distal phalanx of 5th little finger

   Ungual tubercles


Palm creases

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Layer 7 Layer of adductor pollicis DIGITAL LOCATOR OF PALM: Layer 1 Layer of skin of palm. Layer 2 Layer of superficial fascia of palm. Layer 3 Layer of palmar aponeurosis.  Layer 4 Layer of superficial palmar arch. Layer 5 Layer of superficial flexor tendons. Layer 6. Layer of deep flexor tendons. Layer 7 Layer of adductor pollicis. Layer 8 Layer of deep palmar arch. Layer 9 Layer of interossei and joints. Layer 10 Display bones of hand. Roll over to label; click to display, click the blinking end page to open palm page.
















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