A region of the body which extends from the level of the mylohyoid diaphragm which marks the junction with the head, to reach the thoracic inlet at the plane which passes from the superior border of T1 to superior aspect of manubrium sterni.

It contains the following




Superficial fascia


Deep investing fascia of neck


Fascial planes of neck


Carotid sheath

The deep structures of the neck can be divided into


Midline structures of neck


Triangles of neck (sides of neck)

Others are

BONES: Cervical vertebrae-C1-6.
Platysma sternocleidomastoid  trapezius  anterior belly of digastric posterior belly of digastric stylohyoid mylohyoid geniohyoid sternohyoid  sternothyroid thyrohyoid omohyoid longus colli longus capitis rectus capitis anterior scalenus anterior scalenus medius scalenus posterior  rectus capitis lateralis

Arteries:  Right and left common carotid arteryinternal carotid artery, external carotid artery, right subclavian artery, left subclavian artery

Veins: Superior vena cava and tributaries- right brachiocephalic vein, left brachiocephalic vein, internal jugular vein external jugular vein, subclavian vein left subclavian vein, right subclavian vein

Nerves: Phrenic nerves, vagus, hypoglossal nerve, accessory, glossopharyngeal nerve, cervical plexus branches

Others- Thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, larynx, trachea, esophagus,  cervical lymph nodes

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Neck organization



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1 retromandiblar vein 2 left common carotid artery 3 vagus nerve 4 upper trunk of brachial plexus


Layers 1- skin; 2- fasciae, 3- muscles 1, 4 -muscles II 5- deep, 6- deepest 7- bones





Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy

Intervertebral joints

Intervertebral arches joints

Atlanto-occipital joint

Median atlanto-axial

Lateral atlanto-axial joint

Injuries to neck
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