Dorsum of foot


The region of the body which extends from the ankle to the distal ends of the toes. Its dorsal aspect is called dorsum of foot, while its vental part is the sole. It has the following contents

BONES: Tarsus, metatarsus and phalanges

bullet Dorsum: Extensor digitorum brevis Extensor hallucis brevis

Arteries: Dorsalis pedis and branches

Veins: Great saphenous vein

Nerves: Deep peroneal nerve, superficial peroneal nerve.

Others: Superior extensor retinaculum, inferior extensor retinaculum, flexor retinaculum, superior peroneal retinaculum, inferior peroneal retinacula, plantar aponeurosis.

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Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy
Subtalar joint

Talocalcaneonavicular joint

Talocrural (ankle) joint

Calcaneocuboid joint

Cuneonavicular joint

Cuboideonaviclar joint

Cuneocuboid joint

Intercuneiform joints

Tarsometatarsal joints

Intermetatarsal joints

Metatarsophalangeal joints

Interphalangeal joints of foot

Injuries of tarsal bones
Injuries of metatarsal bones
Phalangeal injuries of foot
Injuries of tarsometatarsal joint of big toe
Injuries of metatarsophalangeal joints
Injuries of interphalangeal joints of foot
Injuries of tarsometatarsal joint of big toe
Injuries to interphalangeal joints of foot
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