Homologue of penis placed at the anterior extreme of the vulva.

This is the homologue of the penis. It is found in the female and it has all the features of the penis except the (penile) urethra. Hence it is provided with the corpus spongiosum, which is inserted into the glans clitoridis, without a urethra. It also has the two corpora cavenosa including all the vessels and nerves, which are the homologues of the male- e.g. deep artery of clitoris  and dorsal arteries of clitoris, deep dorsal vein of clitoris, crus of the clitoris and its covering ischiocavernosus muscle. The corpora cavenosa are separated by an incomplete septum called the pectiniform septum. The clitoris has suspensory ligament of clitoris. Ordinarily  the clitoris is covered by prepuce, just like the uncircumcised penis. When erect, the prepuce retracts, allowing the organ to come out. It then presents with a root, shaft, neck and a very sensitive head called the glans clitoridis whose proximal edge is called the corona glandis. The shaft and neck may be called the body or corpus clitoridis. It is removed in mild female circumcision. In severe female circumcision the clitoris it is removed together with the vulva.

The crus of clitoris extends from the everted edge of the pubic arch at its medial surface and adjacent part of the perineal membrane (inferior fascia of urogenital diaphragm. They form the posterior part of the corpora cavenosa of the clitoris, the erectile tissue of the female. This is because they become the corpora cavenosa anteriorly. They also provide attachments for the ischiocavernosus of the clitoris. 



Dorsal arteries of clitoris


Deep artery of clitoris



Deep dorsal vein of clitoris



S2-4 nerve through pudendal nerve and pelvic plexuses


Dorsal nerve of clitoris for skin



Suspensory ligament of clitoris


Fundiform ligament of clitoris



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DIGITAL  LOCATOR OF FEMALE PERINEUM: Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum. Layer 2 Layer of superficial fascia of female perineum. Layer 3 Layer of deep fascia of female perineum (Colles fascia). Layer 4 Layer of superficial muscles in superficial perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 5 Layer of intermediate muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 6 Layer of deep muscles in deep perineal pouch of female perineum. Layer 7: Pelvic outlet as margins of perineum Layer 1 Layer of skin of female perineum




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