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The space between the upper part of the upper arm laterally and the upper part of the chest wall medially. Its walls are as follows

The anterior wall is muscular and made up of the following muscles


Pectoralis major


Pectoralis minor




Clavipectoral fascia

Posterior wall is made up of the following muscles




      Teres major


Latissimus dorsi


Lateral wall is made up of the upper part of humerus and conjoint muscles of coracobrachialis and short head of biceps brachii.

Medial wall is made up of the upper 4 digitations of serratus anterior together with the upper four intercostal spaces containing the intercostals muscles.

Base: The base of the axilla is formed simply by the axillary fascia.

It contains the following


BONES: Upper four ribs and costal cartilage

Muscles: Pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, subclavius, latissimus dorsi, subscapularis, serratus anterior.


Arteries: Axillary artery and branches


Veins: Axillary veins and tributaries


Nerves: Branches of brachial plexus


Others: Fat, lymphatic vessels and nodes.

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DIGITAL LOCATOR OF PECTORAL REGION: Layer 1- skin; Layer 2- superficial fascia, including breast; Layer 3 deep fascia; Layer 4- superficial musclea; Layer 5, intermediate muscles, Layer 6- deep muscles; Layer 7- pectoral joints; Layer 8- layer of bones.  Rollover mouse to label; click to display.




























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