Clinical examination of the nose Examination of skull Examination of lung Examination of lung Shoulder joint Humerus Heart Humerus Shoulder joint examination Elbow joint examination Ulna Radius Elbow joint Left hip joint Left femur Perineum Right hip joint Femur Right knee joint Right tibia Right fibula Right ankle joint Left ulna Left radius Spleen Left kidney Appendix Right kidney Stomach Left fibula Left tibia Left ankle joint Carpus Metacarpus Phalanges of hand Metatarsus Phalanges of foot Rectal examiner Metatarsal Phalanges of foot Retrosternum Clavicle injuries Right ear Mouth Clavicle injuries

Living anatomy


This is the anatomy of the living. It many refer to


Skin anatomy, including superficial and deep fasciae.


Surface markings of bones and other organs in the body seen through the skin of the living.


Cutaneous blood vessels and innervation

bulletSurface markings of internal structures like organs, bones etc.



Upper Extremity Lower Extremity Thorax Abdomen Head & Neck Neuro
Introduction to clinical anatomy Anterior thigh Thoracic cage Anterior abdominal wall Face I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII
Pectoral region Posterior  thigh Pleural cavity Stomach Eye Brain
Breast Medial thigh Medias
Liver Ear Pyramidal tract
Axilla Gluteal region Lung Appendix Nose Extrapyramidal tract
Brachial Plexus Popliteal fossa Heart Inguinal canal Mouth Spinal cord
Shoulder Knee   Hernia Pharynx Anterior cerebral a
Arm Anterior leg   Uterus Neck Post cerebral a
Cubital fossa Posterior leg   Cervix Back Middle cerebral a
Anterior Forearm Sole   Vagina   Pons
Posterior forearm Foot   Vulva   Medulla
Palm     Hydrocele    
Dorsum of hand     Postocaval shunt    
      Posterior abdominal wall    


Pectoral locator Pectoral dissector Pectoral assembler



See body mapThere is nothing in anatomy not found in this website

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Lymphatic drainage
Organ integration
Clinical anatomy

Pectoral girdle

Shoulder joint

Injuries to humerus Injuries to shoulder joint
See body map

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