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Submandiular region         


The submandibular region extends from the body of the mandible to the hyoid bone. It includes the submandibular fossa, sublingual fossa and the digastric fossa, all on the inner aspect of the mandibular body.

Skin: Skin over the region contains some panniculus carnosus such as

  • Platysma

Superficial aspect: We have superficial nerve such as

  • Transverse cervical nerve

  • Greater auricular nerve.

Bony boundaries

  • Lateral- Body of mandible

  • Medial- Hyoid bone

Soft tissue constituent parts

  • Digastric triangle

  • Submental triangle

Root of tongue

Floor of mouth, which contains mucous membrane of mouth running from tongue to mandible. It has the following structures

  • Frenulum of tongue

  • Sublingual fold with sublingual ducts on its summit

  • Sublingual papilla with submandibular duct opening on its apex.

Bony constituent parts

  • Submandibular fossa of mandible- below the mylohyoid line

  • Sunblingual fossa of mandible- above mylohyoid line

  • Digastric fossa of mandible- below the mylohyoid line and and inferior to the submandibular fossa.

Muscles of region

  • Anterior belly of digastric

  • Posterior belly of digastric

  • Suprahyoid muscles:

    • Stylohyoid

    • Mylohyoid

    • Geniohyoid


  • Extrinsic muscles of tongue

  • Genioglossus

  • Hyoglossus

  • Styloglossus

Ligament of region
Stylohoid ligament

Arteries of region

Lingual artery and branches in the region as follows

  • Suprahyoid artery

  • Dorsal lingual arteries

  • Sublingual artery

Facial artery (cervical part) and its branches

  • Ascending palatine artery

  • Tonsillar artery

  • Submental artery

Veins of region

  • Lingual vein and tributaries. The lingual vein drain into the facial vein or the internal jugular vein

  • Facial vein and tributaries. Facial vein drains into the internal jugular vein.

Nerves of region

  • Lingual nerve

  • Hypoglossal nerve gives branches to intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of tongue as follows

  • Muscular branch to styloglossus

  • Muscular branch to hyoglossus

  • Muscular branch to genioglossus

  • Muscular branch to intrinsic muscle of tongue

  • Muscular branch to geniohyoid

  • Submandibular ganglion and branches

1 tongue 2 lingual nerve 3 genioglossus 1 lingual nerve 2 right recurrent laryngeal nerve 3 tongue 4 genioglossus


1 hyoid with submandibular gland on top 2 facial artery and inferior alveolar nerve 3 lingual nerve 4 internal jugular vein 5 vagus nerve 6 maxillary artery and superficial temporal arteries 7 branches of maxillary arteries

Submandibular gland

Submandibular duct

Sublingual gland






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1 hyoid bone 2 mandible


Triangles of neck

1 posterior triangle 2 carotid triangle 3 muscular triangle 4 digastric triangle 5 trapezius 6 sternocleidomastoid 7 posterior belly of digastric 8 omohyoid 9 subclavian (omoclavicular triangle, which is a subdivision of posterior triangle

Submandibular region (superficial)

1 mandible 2 anterior belly of digastric 3 superior thyroid vessels 4 thyroid cartilage 5 submandibular gland

Submandibular region (deep)

1 tongue 2 genioglossus 3 lingual nerve and artery 4 hypoglossal nerve

Submandibular region (bony walls)



Submandibular region from the side

1 styloglossus 2 stylopharyngeus 3 glossopharyngeal nerve 4 stylohyoid ligament 5 middle constrictor 6 hypoglossal nerve 7 lingual artery 8 suprahyoid artery 9 submandibular gland 10 hyoglossus 11 hyoid bone 12 sublingual gland 13 geniohyoid 14 submandibular ganglion 15 submandibular duct  16 tongue 17 genioglossus 18 hyoglossus 19 lingual nerve