Upper Extremity Lower Extremity Thorax Abdomen Head & Neck Neuro
Introduction to anatomy Introduction to lower extremity Introduction to Trunk Introduction Introduction Introduction
Introduction to Upper Extremity Anterolateral thigh Introduction to thorax Anterior abdominal wall Skull Neurocytology
Pectoral region Medial thigh Thoracic cage Peritoneal cavities Face and Scalp Neurohistology
Breast Posterior thigh Intercostal spaces Abdominal esophagus Side of neck and posterior triangle Introduction to brain
Axilla Gluteal region Mediatinum Stomach Anterior triangle of neck Neuroembryology
Brachial plexus Popliteal fossa Pleural cavity Duodenum Cranial fossa Spinal cord
Scapular region Anterior leg Lungs Small intestine Mouth Medulla
Upper arm Posterior leg Heart Large intestine Pharynx Pons
Cubital fossa Dorsum of foot Diaphragm Rectum and anus Larynx Midbrain
Anterior aspect of forearm Sole I   Liver Soft palate Diencephalon
Posterior aspect of forearm Sole II   Portocaval shunt Nose cavity Basal ganglia
Palm I Lumbosacral plexus   Pancreas, spleen Gallbladdder Paranasal sinuses Cerebellum
Palm II     Kidney & suprarenal Tongue Higher Cortex
      Posterior abdominal wall Pharynx Limbic system
      Pelvis Deglutition Meninges and ventricles
      Urinary bladder Submandibular fossa Optic tract
      Male reproductive organs Infratemporal fossa Blood supply to brain
      Female reproductive organs Pterygopalatine fossa  
      Blood & nerve supply to pelvis Eye  
        Suboccipital triangle  
        Lymphatic drainage of head and neck region  

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