Anatomy Lessons


Extended Summary

Lesson 1
Introduction to anatomy.
a. Anatomy         
Lesson 2 Introduction to upper extremity
Lesson 3 Pectoral region and Breast
Lesson 4 Axilla
Lesson 5 Brachial plexus
Lesson 6 Scapular region
Lesson 7 Shoulder joint
Lesson 8 Upper arm
Lesson 9 Cubital fossa
Lesson 10. Anterior aspect of forearm
Lesson 11 Posterior aspect of forearm
Lesson 12 Palm I- Superficial structures
Lesson 13  Palm II -Deep structures
Lesson 14 Elbow joint
Lesson 15 Other joints of upper extremity
Bones of upper extremity: clavicle scapula humerus ulna radius carpus metacarpus phalanges
Lesson 16 Introduction to Lower Extremity
Lesson 17 Anterolateral aspect of thigh
Lesson 18 Medial aspect of thigh
Lesson 19 Gluteal region
Lesson 20  Back of thigh
Lesson 21 Popliteal fossa
Lesson 22   Hip joint
Lesson 23 Anterior aspect of leg
Lesson 24 Posterior aspect of leg
Lesson 25 Dorsum of foot
Lesson 26  Sole I (Superficial aspect)
Lesson 27  Sole II (Deep aspect)
Lesson 28  Knee joint
Lesson 29 Other joints of the lower extremity
Bones of Lower extremity:
Hip bone femur patella tibia fibula tarsus metarsus



Lesson 30 Introduction to the trunk
Lesson 31 Introduction to thorax
Lesson 32 Thoracic cage
Lesson 33 Intercostal space
Lesson 34 Mediastinum
Lesson 35 Pleural cavities
Lesson 36 Lungs
Lesson 37 Heart
Lesson 38 Diaphragm
Bones of thorax:
Sternum ribs
Lesson 39 Introduction to the Abdomen
Lesson 40 Anterior abdominal wall
Lesson 41 Peritoneal cavity
Lesson 42 Esophagus
Lesson 43 Stomach
Lesson 44 Duodenum
Lesson 45 Jejunum
Lesson 46 Ileum
Lesson 47 Caecum
Lesson 48 Appendix
Lesson 49 Ascending colon
Lesson 50 Transverse colon
Lesson 51 Descending colon
Lesson 52 Sigmoid colon
Lesson 53 Rectum
Lesson 54  Anus
Lesson 55 Liver
Lesson 56 Portal circulation
Lesson 57 Spleen
Lesson 58 Pancreas
Lesson 59 Suprarenal gland
Lesson 60 Kidneys
Lesson 61 Posterior abdominal wall
Lesson 62 Greater pelvis
Lesson 63 Pelvic peritoneum
Lesson 64 Ligaments of pelvis
Lesson 65 Lesser pelvis
Lesson 66 Pelvic floor
Lesson 67 Urinary bladder
Lesson 68 Prostate gland
Lesson 69 Seminal vesicle
Lesson 70 Ductus deferens
Lesson 71 Testis and epididymis
Lesson 72 Ovary
Lesson 73 Uterus
Lesson 74 Fallopian tube
Lesson 75 Cervix
Lesson 76 Vagina
Lesson 77  Male external genitalia
Lesson 78 Female external genitalia
Lesson 79 Perineum
Lesson 80 Ischiorectal fossa
Bones of pelvis
Joints of thorax and abdomen
Lesson 81 Introduction to Head & Neck 
Lesson 82  Face
Lesson 83 Scalp & Temple
Lesson 84  Neck
Lesson 85 Orbit
Lesson 86 Temporal/infratemporal region
Lesson 87 Parotid region
Lesson 88 Pterygopalatine fossa
Lesson 89 Submandibular region
Lesson 90 Mouth cavity
Lesson 91 Tongue
Lesson 92 Teeth
Lesson 93 Pharynx
Lesson 94  Soft palate
Lesson 95 Cranial fossa
Lesson 96 Larynx
Lesson 97 Nasal cavity
Lesson 98 Paranasal sinuses
Lesson 99 Suboccipital triangle
Lesson 100 Prevertebral region
Lesson 101  Ear
Lesson 102  Eye
Lesson 103 Introduction to Neuroanatomy
Lesson 104  Spinal cord
Lesson 105 Medulla
Lesson 106 Pons
Lesson 107 Midbrain
Lesson 108 Diencephalon
Lesson 109 Basal ganglia
Lesson 110 Cerebellum
Lesson 111 Higher Cortex
Lesson 112 Limbic system
Lesson 113 Meninges and ventricles
Lesson 114 Optic tract
Lesson 115 Blood supply to brain
Joints of Head and Neck



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