ORIGIN: Posterior tibial artery.

COURSE/DISTRIBUTION: This artery is one of the terminal branches of the posterior tibial artery given off under the flexor retinaculum. The artery then approaches the medial side of the sole, accompanied by the medial plantar nerve. It then passes under the abductor hallucis and later in the interval between that muscle and the flexor digitorum brevis. At the base of the first metatarsal bone, it divides into three digital branches, which anastomose with the corresponding plantar metatarsal arteries to form the common digita1 arteries (which also receive blood from perforating arteries that shunt blood through the perforating vessels). The most medial then passes along the medial border of the great toe, which anastomoses with the 1st plantar metatarsal artery. The branches of the medial plantar artery follow closely those of the medial plantar nerve.


3 Superficial digital branches are as follows

1. Medial branch to the medial aspect of the great toe. It anastomoses with the 1st plantar artery.

2. Second superficial digital artery. This splits into two branches. The branches anastomose with the 2nd and 3rd plantar metatarsal arteries respectively. The first branch supplies the medial aspect of the 2nd and the lateral aspect of the big toes. The second branch supplies the medial aspect of the 3rd and lateral aspect of the 2nd toe.

3. The 3rd superficial digital branch is the most lateral and it proceeds to supply the medial aspect of the 4th and lateral aspect of the 3rd toes.

See the digital arteries for more


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