ORIGIN: Abdominal aorta

COURSE/DISTRIBUTION: Arises at the bifurcation of the common iliac arteries at the font of the sacroiliac joints. They then descend to reach the upper part of the greater sciatic foramen where they divide into the two terminal branches, anterior and posterior divisions. The anterior division continues its journey downwards to reach the ischial spine while the posterior immediately passes behind to point to the greater sciatic foramen. The arteries are crossed in their journey downwards by several structures. In front we have the ureter and in the female ovary and distal end of fallopian tube. Behind, the internal iliac arteries are related to the sacroiliac joint, lumbosacral trunk and the internal iliac vein.


  • Anterior division of the internal iliac artery
  • Posterior division of internal iliac artery.


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DIGITAL LOCATOR OF INTERNAL ILIAC ARTERY: Layer 1 Skin of pelvis- anterior abdominal wall and perineum). Layer 2- Superficial aspect of pelvis.  Layer 3 - intermediate dissection of male pelvis. Layer  4 - deep dissection of male pelvisINnternal iliac artery is located at Layer  4 of pelvis. Rollover mouse to label; click to display age. Click blinking end page to display internal iliac artery page Roll over mouse to unlabel. Layer  4 of male pelvis




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