ORIGIN: Internal pudendal artery.


COURSE/DISTRIBUTION: Arises as a terminal branch of the anterior division of the internal pudendal artery. It then runs backwards in front of the sacral plexus and the piriformis and behind the internal pudendal artery. It transverses the greater sciatic foramen to reach the gluteal region. It then escapes below the piriformis accompanied by the inferior gluteal nerve. It descends in the gluteal region accompanied by the posterior cutaneous nerve of thigh and sciatic nerve, between the greater trochanter and the ischial tuberosity. It supplies the gluteal region and the back of thigh.



  • Muscular branches
  • Vesical branches to bladder, prostate and seminal vesicles
  • Articular branch to hip joint
  • Anastomotic branch to the cruciate anastomoses
  • Cutaneous branches.
  • Artery to sciatic nerve.



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DIGITAL LOCATOR OF INFERIOR GLUTEAL ARTERY: Layer 1 Skin of pelvis- anterior abdominal wall and perineum). Layer 2- Superficial aspect of pelvis.  Layer 3 - intermediate dissection of male pelvis. Layer  4 - deep dissection of male pelvisInferior gluteal artery is located at Layer  4 of pelvis. Rollover mouse to label; click to display age. Click blinking end page to display inferior gluteal artery page Roll over mouse to unlabel. Layer  4 of male pelvis




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