ORIGIN:  Continuation of subclavian artery


COURSE/DISTRIBUTION:  Begins at the outer border of the 1st rib and runs within the axilla accompanied by the axillary vein placed at its medial aspect. It ends at the lower border of teres major to become the brachial artery. It is the artery of the shoulder and pectoral region.


BRANCHES:  Divided into three parts.

1st part runs from outer border of 1st rib to inner border of pectoralis minor. Its branch is highest thoracic artery.

2nd part runs from the outer to inner borders of the pectoralis minor and therefore subjacent to it. It has two branches-

1.  Lateral thoracic artery and

2.  Thoracoacromial artery.


3rd part runs from inner border of pectoralis minor to the lower border of teres major. It has three branches-

1.  Anterior circumflex humeral artery

2.  Posterior circumflex humeral artery.

3.  Subscapular artery.











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Axillary artery and branches in layer 5 of pectoral region
DIGITAL LOCATOR OF AXILLARY ARTERY: Layer 1- skin; Layer 2- superficial fascia, including breast; Layer 3 deep fascia; Layer 4- superficial musclea; Layer 5, intermediate muscles, Axillary artery is located to layer 5 of pectoral region. Rollover mouse to label; click to display. Click blinking end page to display axillary artery.  
Axillary artery covered by pectoralis minor representing its 2nd part
Axillary artery and branches in layer 5 of pectoral dissector




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