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Electronic Public Health & Parasitology Course


Community Health study Case 1, 2,
Parasitology 1, 2
Case 1, 2,
Parasitology 1, 2


Organ's gallery integration

Community Health Museum

  Do course and lab and then perform examination. Pass in examination will fetch you a certificate in e-Community Health

eCommunity health course CD available at US $200

Theory links

Acid fast bacilli Ascaris lumbricoides Filaria Guineaworm Hookworm Pinworm Schistosoma haematobium

Schistosoma japonicum

Schistosoma mansoni Strongyloides stercoralis
Tinea saginata


All parasites   Clinical aspects of parasites Laboratory aspects of parasites Medical Zoology Tropical Medicine Life taxonomy








History taking  
Learn clinical examination  
Long cases  
Short cases   
Clinicopathological cases  
Female examination 
Electronic clinical demonstrations  
Electronic clinical conferences  
Electronic clinicopathological conferences  
Integrated Organ examination 
Heart sounds  
Lung sounds

Main Subject Course Links

eAnatomy eAnesthesia eBiochemistry eChemical pathology eCommunity Health
eDermatology eENT eGynecology eHematology eImaging
eMedicine eMedical microbiology eObstetrics eOphthalmology ePathology
ePediatrics ePharmacology ePhysiology ePsychiatry    eSurgery/eOrthopedics
eLab eOSCE eProcedures eInvestigations eSchool/Videopage
eOrgans eLocator Anatomy Museum eDissector eFractures/Dissect-it-yourself
All diseases eClerking eTreatment eDoctor ePatient







Student information
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