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Case Note


Name: PP
Age: 35 years
Sex: Female
Occupation: Petty trader
Gravida: 6 para 5+0; Last menstrual period (LMP) 9 months ago

Presenting complaint:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen for 10 days
  • No menses for 8 months
  • Bloody discharge from private part (SHOW) seen 10 days ago.

History of Presenting complaint

The patient is married to a native doctor who forbade her to come to hospital for delivery. She started to have pain in the lower abdomen which she recognized as painful contractions 10 days previously. They have been regular and frequent initially at about 1 in every 2-3 minute. They have not reduced in strength. She has missed her normal period for about 9 months and has been pregnant as evidenced by her protruding abdomen. She has not however attended any antenatal care since her pregnancy. She has placed some medication in her private part and her abdomen but this has not brought her relief from her pain. 5 days ago the baby stopped kicking in her tommy. She also noticed large discharge from her private part which is dark and offensive in odour.

She has had five previous deliveries which have all been prolonged sometimes taking up to six days. They have all led to stillbirth.


Cephalopelvic disproportion history video









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