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Clinical demonstration




AGE: 35 years

SEX: Male



Patient called in hospital for a medical examination because he had just been admitted into College of Education for higher studies.

Questioning revealed that he has been in general good health and apart from occasional headaches, he hardly falls sick. There was no family history of sudden death or any chronic illness except for the fact that they seem to be rather prone to having twins in their family- his own wife has had three sets of twins, while his mother had had two sets of twins.


Physical examination revealed a fairly healthy looking young man of slim build. There was no pallor, icterus, fever, or any significant lymphadenopathy.

Pulse- 70-/min; Blood pressure 260/160 mmHg; Respiratory rate- 14/min

All systems were essentially normal on clinical examination.


IMPRESSION: Essential Hypertension



Blood:- PCV 43%; Neutrophil 42%; lymphocytes 44%; eosinophil 8%; monocyte 5%; basophil 1%

Chest Xray- Normal

ECG- Mild left ventricular hypertrophy.

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