Professor Sir John Oluwole Ogunranti, KOJ (UK)
BSc (Hons), MBChB (Ife), FASN (M), FABI, OIA, DDG (IBC), DG (ABI), OIF, AOM, OAA, HonAAICL,  MDipl (Worl Acd Lett).

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Professor John Oluwole Ogunranti trained in Cambridge University UK and is a well known figure in Medical Education and Reproductive research. He has many best lecturer awards from his students and more than 100 International awards for research, teaching, medical education and professional service. He is a Master diplomate of the World Academy of Letters and has over 100 publications in research. He is particularly well noted for his contribution to the science of reproduction through his discovery of the endocrine nature of the human fallopian tube.  He is also Noble Member of the UK prestigious Chilvaric Order of the Knights of Justice. Sir John lives in Jos, Nigeria where he is Professor of Anatomy of the University of Jos. He was formerly Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Jos from 2004 until September 2006, an experience which has greatly enriched him in the field of Medical Education. He is also Visiting Professor of Anatomy at University of Maiduguri, Nigeria where he uses electronic teaching for students. He introduced research into anthropometry in anatomy in Nigeria including dermatoglyphics. He remains the first in the modern world to use modern computers for virtual clinical examination and to teach patient examination and investigations (and postmortem) and set up a Saturday school for self evaluation by students. All the above led to his Ultimate Achiever Award (see citation) in 2009 for achievements. He traveled around the entire world while young, with a passion for exotic places. While not working he likes listening to music, artistic web design and exotic electronic decorations with art and style. His philosophy is God. He was formerly Visiting Professor of Anatomy at Imperial College, London, UK, where he wrote many computerized practical manuals in anatomy. He has published 14 academic books in medicine and anatomy.

Professor Sir John uses his Electronic School to teach medical students round the world and is open to invitation to teach Electronic Medicine, specifically Electronic Anatomy everywhere. He is presently Professor of Anatomy, University of Jos, Nigeria.


Sir John's Curriculum vitae



v   British Knight

v   Kentucky Colonel USA

v   Honorary Fellow Australian-Asian Institute of Civil  

v   Member Wolfson College Cambridge, UK

v   Ambassador World Forum 2008 Oxford, 2010 Cambridge

v   Ultimate Achiever in Medicine (2009)

v   Professor of Anatomy, Former Dean of Medicine (2004-6), University of Jos, Nigeria.

v   Formerly Visiting Professor of Anatomy, Imperial
 College London (2010-11)



Panoramic view of Sir John's living room with electronic gadgetry and artistic mirrors. Scroll to the right.








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