There are four types

1.      Choleric

2.      Sanguine

3.      Melancholic

4.      Phlegmatic



Temperament blend theory

Temperaments are those heritable characters in each individual to make him unique in behavior. But they are nevertheless influenced by upbringing.. Hence temperaments are the traits we inherited from our parents, although this does not in any way suggest that the inheritable traits are demons ratable in the said parents. Character on the other hand,develops from the temperaments as a result of the influence of the environment, via upbringing, and social interactions.

By this definition we expect identical twins with similar genes to have the same temperaments about different characters. Those who grew up in the same environment tend to have similar character but with about 10-40% differences in traits, but those who grow up in very different environments or homes have very different characters. One may grow up a murderer and the other a preacher. Although they have the same temperaments, the environment of growing may have influence the development of the characters to such extreme that one is a criminal and the other a law abiding citizen.


According to Galen, there are four temperaments

Melancholic are unfriendly and morose introverts. They seem to thrive in their own little world which also carries some tone of sadness. But they are mostly gifted people, in music, languages, and many professional skills, probably because they spend most of their times thinking! They are great philosophers, scientists etc.

Sanguine are fun loving extroverts. They are rarely very talented but are very gifted talkers, and orators, good sales men etc

Choleric are domineering extroverts. This is the most common temperaments amongst the conquering armies of the old empires. For example the Romans, Persian, Greeks and even Germans and Russians.

Phlegmatic are slow but friendly and very diplomatic introverts.

According to Tim LaHaye all temperaments have weaknesses and strengths as follows



Strengths; Gifted, analytical, aesthetics, self-sacrificing, industrious, self Ėdisciplined. Weaknesses- Moody, self-centered, persecution-prone, revengeful, touchy, theoretical and unsociable.



Strengths: Sociable, responsive, warm, and friendly, talkative, enthusiastic, compassionate. Weaknesses- undisciplined, emotionally unstable, unproductive, egocentric, exaggerates.



Strengths: Strong-willed, independent, visionary, practical, productive, decisive, leader.

Weaknesses: Cold, unemotional self-sufficient, impetuous, domineering, unforgiving, sarcastic, angry and cruel.



Strengths: Calm, quiet, easygoing, loyal, objective, diplomatic, organized and efficient, humorous,

Weaknesses- Unmotivated, procrastinator, selfish, stingy, self-protective, indecisive, fearful, worrier.


The contribution of Tim LaHaye to the temperament study was the suggestion that every individual has two of the above traits, one dominant, the other slightly overshadowed, so that you have a primary temperament and a secondary one. We then have a total of 12 temperament blends as follows


Gifted, feels hurt of rejection badly, feels everything deeply; rigid and will not cooperate unless things go his way has poor self image despite his great achievements; very prone to persecution.


Has self will and determination; perfection is and slave driver; has strong leadership capabilities; may establish his own institution and run it well; very difficult to please or to live with; when corrected, may go into violent explosion; spirit of anger and revenge.

Best scholars whom people tend to like (since most scholars are unsociable); prefer solitary environment for study and research; organized and efficient; good mathematicians and spellers; very worrisome; has tendency to be vengeful.


Easiest to get along with for a long period; favorite of children and never angry; falls short of his true capability; quits school (or changes profession) early; follows line of least resistance; stingy, selfish and proud.

Excellent group leader; good counselor for he is a good listener; very stubborn and unyielding; the older he gets the more sedentary.

Most gentle and gracious; rarely angry or hostile; dresses simply; does not get over involved in anything; stingy and selfish.


Talks too much highly opinionated; has mouth trouble (talks before thinking); anger problem; not very honest.


Highly emotional and may change form laughter to tear or vice versa within minutes; great actors and public speakers (orators); anger problem; wants admiration badly.


Easiest person to like; extremely happy; likes helping people; motivation is by environment and circumstances rather than self; lack of motivation and discipline and does not like work but likes socializing.

Overactive; best motivator of people; hostile; anger problem;brutally frank or hurtful; opinionated and prejudiced.


Very organized; great planner; not autocratic, people enjoy working for him/her; make good husband or father; but harbors resentment and bitterness; will not agree to mistake and will make it up quietly instead of apologizing; very stubborn.


Very industrious; a thorough leader; a very good argumentator/debater; can be dictatorial/autocratic; hostile and resentful and a slave driver.


Temperaments and sexuality

Romance: Sanguine live romance and are aggressive about it. Melancholic demand romance. Phlegmatic neither take nor give. Choleric are unromantic and may be forceful (rapists).

Wooing: A phlegmatic may never woo or chase a female until he is chased. Sanguine chase anything on sight that appeals to them. Female sanguine choose their own men. Choleric use power, money or both to chase females. Female choleric chase their own men who invariably are phlegmatic.

Dating: Phlegmatic prefer choleric and vice versa. Melancholic prefer sanguine and vice versa. Hence the two unromantic temperaments go together while the romantic ones also go together. In most cases, the sanguine chases the melancholic and the choleric chases the phlegmatic, whether female or male. The male still takes the leading role when the women do the chasing. But the first move is made by the extroverted person and hence the attraction is between introverted (melancholic, phlegmatic) on one hand and  extraverted (sanguine, choleric) on the other.


Temperament blend sexualities

MelSan Ė Cunning in romance; incurable romantic but open to crimes of passion.

MelPhleg- Calculated and cool in romance but vengeful jealousy

MelChol- Romantic and disciplines; nagging problem

SanMel- Delight of the opposite sex but tendency to flirtation

SanChol- Subdued romantic, but tendency to monopartnership

SanPhleg- Tendency to promiscuity or even prostitution if not careful

CholSan- Sex for power or money; maybe a rapist

CholMel- Disciplined in romance; but sometimes sex for power.

CholPhleg- Discreet romance; sex for services

PhlegChol- Unromantic; may even chase the wrong persons

PhlegSan- May be lured to prostitution; quite romantic but tendency t promiscuity

PhlegMel- Can be completely unromantic; easily virgins.





Questionnaire 1


1.Do you normally like leadership roles?

  1. Are you always in the forefront of discussion
  2. You donít really care what people think of you
  3. Do you have an anger problem?
  4. Do people say you are mean often?
  5. Do you very little emotions (e.g. crying)
  6. You donít loose a nightís sleep or worry about most things?
  7. Do your colleagues tend to fear you? Are they intimated by you?
  8. Are you strong-willed?
  9. Do you find it difficult most times to say sorry?




  1. Are you very emotional (eg change from laughter to crying within seconds or vice versa?
  2. Is your room or table always disorganized?
  3. Are you given to flamboyance in dressing, looks or show-off?
  4. Do you like talking to people a lot?
  5. Are you a toucher, i.e. do you like to touch people when you talk to them
  6. Are you a good salesman? Ie can you easily sell a bad item?
  7. Do you find it easy to feel peopleís problems with them momentarily?
  8. Do you like or tend to like exaggerations or use of superlative language to describe things?
  9. Are you rarely depressed?
  10. Do you hate paper work (eg writing, reading, studying etc)?


Questionnaire 3


  1. Are you a deep thinker?
  2. Do you find yourself always asking questions about other peopleís actions an analyzing them in your thoughts?
  3. Do you find yourself wanting to be revengeful of hurts done to you by others?
  4. Do you like reading (eg novels) studying or paper work?
  5. Are you specially gifted in any area such as music, dancing, sports, teaching arts and do people say so?
  6. Are you almost always depressed?
  7. Do you find yourself always running from leadership roles?
  8. Are you always very critical of others?
  9. Are you very sensitive- eg to abuse?
  10. Are you a perfectionist? Ie always wanting everything to be perfect or near perfect?



Questionnaire 4


1.Are you a worrier?

  1. Do you easily get tired with work?
  2. Are you conservative? Ie do you like to always stick to status quo?
  3. Do you often suffer from inertia or lack of motivation or drive?
  4. Are you said to be stingy with money?
  5. Are you considered by your friends a very nice person?
  6. You donít get easily angry
  7. Do you tend to run away from crisis situation or controversies eg when two friends are quarrelling?
  8. Do you usually like to follow line of least resistance with maximum benefit rather than what may be most interesting to you; eg as in business?
  9. Are you a dependable follower, i.e. very loyal without criticizing or being impatient with your leader even when he is wrong?




All answers must be yes or no. At the end of the exercise count how many yes you have for each questionnaire.

Questionnaire 1- Choleric

Questionnaire 2- Sanguine

Questionnaire 3- Melancholic

Questionnaire 4- Phlegmatic


The highest yes is your primary temperament. The next to it is your secondary one. If you have high third, then that must be a pseudotemperament which is nevertheless strong enough to influence your behavior. You probably picked it from your parents during your upbringing.