Anatomy of female virginity



The hymen in a virgin normally has a little hole which must be ruptured in order to make her a woman. Roll over mouse for the rupture.


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The vagina has its orifice guarded by a thin membrane in the virgin called the hymen. This hymen is between the inner (small lips) of the vulva that guards the opening into the vagina. The big lips surround the small lips and are hair-bearing. At first intercourse, this hymen is broken and left with rags of tissue called carunculae hymenales. Because of its presence, it has generated a lot of controversies in many cultures over the centuries. In view of modernization, it is customary in the modern western world to relegate its cultural or biological importance (if any) to the background. It is a porous and thin membrane and has no biological significance except what is attached to it socio-culturally.

Definition and Classification

We find female virginity difficult to define and hence we must have different categories.  The cultural-traditional definition is - one who has her virgin membrane, which is the hymen, which covers the opening into the female organ called vagina and which must be broken at the first sexual intercourse leading to bleeding, in order for the male organ to penetrate. Despite the barrier between the outside and the vagina (and therefore the womb) it is still possible for a vagina to conceive for if sperm is deposited on the hymen, being porous, the sperm cells can swim through it to the vagina and the fallopian tube where fertilization normally takes place, to meet a waiting egg.

Anatomical virgin: This is one who has the hymen intact although she may have been involved in heavy petting, romance, including any other form of sexual intercourse aside from the vaginal penetration type (e.g. orificial - anal or oral etc). Culturally, it is a method of keeping virgiinity, which is quite popular in the East.

Physiological virgin:  This is one that has never had penetration intercourse previously (or romance of any kind) but her hymen is broken, or does not exist. This could be as a result of vigorous exercise of athletics or horse riding, or an accident. Very rarely, a person may be born without a hymen.

Psychological virgin: This is one who has already had a penetration intercourse with the hymen fully broken, but was not a willing partner. This can occur in rape or any other form of sexual coercion. The individual feels a virgin for she was not a willing partner to the act in the first place.

Surgical virgin: Some female reconstruct the hymen through surgical technique after it has been lost. Again, this is common in the east.

Anorgasmic virgin: Some consider women who have never experienced sexual climax (vaginal or clitoral or others) as virgins. There may be some wisdom in this.

True virginity: In this paper we shall regard true virginity as one with or without the presence of anatomical hymen but who has never had any form of penetration sexual interactions before, whether, oral, anal, or in artificial orifices (e.g.) armpit, elbow etc).







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