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1 right brachiocephaliic vein  2 left brachiocephalic vein  3 superior vena cava  4 right pulmonary artery  5  left pulmonary artery  6 ascending aorta  7 groove for 1st rib  8 brachiocephalic trunk 9 left common carotid artery/left subclavian artery10 left vagus nerve 11 apex of lung 12 superior lobe of left lung 13 middle lobe of right lung 14 inferior lobe of right lung 15 inferior lobe of left lung 16 lingular lobe of left lung 17 heart  19 heart dissection 18 diaphragm


Layer 11- Lungs

Click to dissect from layer of lungs (layer 11) to layer of mediatinum (layer 12)

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