Dissect the entire human body

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Manual dissection of the entire human body

Click this image for continuous dissection

Roll over mouse to label, click to dissect

Schedule for dissecting the entire human body

Dissect the following regions in turn OR continue clicking the images on the LOWER left for FULL manual dissection by clicking

Upper extremity:

Pectoral region

Scapular region

Anterior arm

Posterior arm

Anterior forearm

Posterior forearm


Dorsum of hand

Lower extremity:

Anterior thigh

Posterior thigh

Anterior leg

Posterior leg


Dorsum of foot


Thorax wall


Abdomen (male)


Pelvis (male)

Pelvis (female)

Perineum (male)

Perineum (female)

Head and neck

Temple and side of neck



UTUBE -Start video dissection of the entire human body from here

Pectoral region video     Pectoral layers  links    Electronic dissector    Structure locator
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Museum of Human Anatomy <www.mhajos.org>

Remove the skin of the pectoral region to expose the underlying superficial fascia




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