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Layer 8- Deep palmar arch layer to layer 9

1 pronator quadratus  2 radial artery  3 palmar carpal branch of ulnar artery  4 base of radius  5 deep branch of radial artery  6 deep palmar arch  7 palmar metacarpal arteries  8 recurrent branch of palmar carpal arch  9 1st dorsal interosseus  10 2nd dorsal interosseus  11 3rd dorsal interosseus  12 4th dorsal interosseus 13 deep branch of ulnar nerve and ulnar artery  14 metacarpal I  15 metacarpal V   16 metacarpal III  17 palmar ligament of metacarpophalangeal joints 18 fibrous flexor sheath 19 long flexor tendon  20 pisiform  21 scaphoid  22 dorsal carpal branch of  ulnar artery  23 dorsal branch of ulnar nerve  24 4th palmar interosseous  25 2nd palmar interosseous  26 common digital artery to middle and index fingers 27 proper digital artery to ulnar side of index finger  28 proper digital artery to radial side of middle finger   29 collateral ligament of metacarpophalangeal joint of thumb



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