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Layer 5- Superficial long flexors layer to layer 6


1 empty tunnel of fibrous flexor sheath  2 fibrous flexor tunnel containing flexor digitorum superficialis tendon and flexor digitorum profundus tendons  3 flexor pollicis  brevis  4 abductor pollicis brevis  5 lumbricals  6 flexor digiti minimi  7 abductor digiti minimi  8 pisiform  9 flexor retinaculum  10 tendons of flexor digitorum profundus and superficialis  11 extensor pollicis brevis  12 flexor tendon  13 extensor pollicis longus  14 abductor pollicis longus  15 anatomical snuffbox  16 attachment of profundus tendon to distal phalanx of  ring finger  17 attachment of superficialis tendon to middle phalanx of  ring finger  



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