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Dorsum of hand
Layer 4- Long deep extensor tendons


Click to dissect from long superficial extensor tendons (layer 4)  to layer of interossei  (layer 5)


1 collateral slip of extensor expansion  2 extensor expansion tendons  3 flexor tendon  4 extensor carpi radialis brevis  5 1st dorsal interosseous  6 extensor digiti minimi tendon  7 abductor pollicis longus  8 extensor pollicis longus  9 extensor pollicis brevis  10 dorsal digital branch of radial n/ radial nerve  11 metacarpal II  12  extensor indicis tendon  13 proximal phalanx of little finger  14 proximal phalanx of ring finger  15  proximal phalanx of middle finger  16 proximal phalanx of index finger 17 middle phalanx of middle finger



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