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Layer 10- Layer of Bones

1 scaphoid  2 lunate  3 triquetrum  4 pisiform  5 hamate  6 capitate  7 trapezoid  8 trapezium  9 metacarpal I   10 metacarpal II  11 metacarpal III   12 metacarpal IV  13 metacarpal V  14 proximal phalanx of little finger  15 proximal phalanx of ring finger  16 proximal phalanx of middle finger  17 proximal phalanx of index finger  18 proximal phalanx of thumb  19 middle phalanx of index finger  20 middle phalanx of middle finger 21 middle phalanx of ring finger  22 middle phalanx of little finger  23 distal phalanx of little finger  24 distal phalanx of  ring finger 25 distal phalanx of middle finger  26 distal phalanx of index finger 27 distal phalanx of thumb






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